Privacy Policy

For LIVIL - PHARMA, Lda.  protection of privacy and personal data is a priority and we are committed and regularly updated on all data protection principles and rules that support the GDPR.
We know the importance that the processing of personal data has for our customers and partners, so we want to ensure that you can trust LIVIL to collect and process your data.
This Privacy Policy aims to identify what personal data we collect, why we collect it and what we do with it.

Who is responsible for data processing?

LIVIL - PHARMA, Lda., Legal person no. 516 142 054, headquartered at Rua de Álvares Cabral, Parcela D, no. 91, 4050-041, Porto, is responsible for the processing of personal data, under the GDPR.

How are they collected and what personal data are collected?

Personal data is collected directly when we obtain information about the use you make of our services and products, for example, the type of content you view, the frequency and duration of your interactions, or when you complete a survey. In these actions, we may request some of your personal data, such as your name, gender, date of birth, address, profession, email address or telephone number.

When we ask you to fill in a mandatory field, it will be data that we actually need in order to be able to provide you with the service / functionality you require. If you do not provide us with this data, you may not be able to take advantage of these services or features.

Some data are collected automatically when you interact with us through LIVIL website. Among other means, we may use cookies and monitoring technologies to collect personal data when accessing our website or advertising on it.

Data such as IP address, location data, information about the browser or operating system are collected. During your visit to our website, we may also collect information about your visit, namely, duration of the visit, interaction with the pages, response times of the pages or download errors. For this, we can use software tools to assist in this monitoring. In addition to this data, we may also collect technical information about your device for the purpose of preventing fraud or other abuse.

For what purposes does livil collect your personal data?

LIVIL collects your personal data through the website or other platforms, with the purpose of, namely:
  • sending newsletters;
  • definition of profiles, with the objective of generating personalized content;
  • advertising and analysis of its effectiveness;
  • marketing actions, for example, definition of target groups  and market studies;
  • cookies, to collect data about users and how they interact with the website, such as, for example, the route they take on pages;
  • personalize communications with different users;
  • quality assurance of our products and services, assessing the interests of users;
  • product recommendation;

Who will your personal data be shared with?

In order to further improve the quality of our services and products, we work with other entities that may handle some personal data of our website users. These entities may include, for example, digital services and digital marketing platforms. When collaborating with these entities, we demand that they ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and measure their competencies in the area of personal data processing.

How long will LIVIL keep your personal data?

LIVIL will keep your data for as long as necessary for the purposes mentioned above. LIVIL undertakes to keep your data for as little time as possible, after which it will proceed with its erasure in a safe manner. Your data can be removed whenever the user ask. That request will be executed within one month.

What rights do you have as a holder of personal data?

Under the terms of the GDPR and other applicable legislation, as the holder of your personal data, you enjoy a number of rights in relation to your data and the way they are treated, which can be exercised at any time, the following being: information, access and rectification or deletion of personal data; the right to data portability; the right to limit or oppose the processing of your data (when applicable); right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority; right to withdraw consent.

Any additional information about your rights can be obtained by contacting the supervisory authority, which in Portugal is the National Data Protection Commission, and whose contacts are as follows: Rua de São Bento, n.º 148 - 3. º, 1200-821 Lisbon; Tel .: +351 213928400; Fax: +351 213976832; email:

How to contact livil?

The holder can exercise his rights through the following contacts or ask any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy:

  • E-mail:;

  • Mail to the address: Rua de Álvares Cabral, Parcela D, nº 91, 4050-041, Porto

Last update

This privacy policy was updated on October 28, 2020.

LIVIL will keep previous versions of this privacy policy for you to review. In the event of significant changes to the privacy policy, LIVIL will issue a notice to its customers.